Julian Tamers is a student musician at the Summer Jazz Workshop. He is 18 years old and a rising Freshman. He is a recent graduate of East Chapel Hill High School. Tamers is a Georgetown commit and will not be majoring in Music. He will be majoring in Linguistics or Sociology.

He was a brilliant guitarist that played when I sat in on Scott Sawyer‘s guitar clinic today at the workshop. Sawyer even complimented Tamers and stated, “You have such a great ear for Jazz” and “Your improv really works.”

Following the lesson I interviewed Tamers. I was able to learn more about him as a jazz musician and as a person:

1. His major choice intrigued me so I asked him first why he decided not to major in music.

“I’m really into cultures and I took Arabic this past year and I was really into that.”

So it would seem he’s leaning toward Sociology, as of right now.

`2. What made you want to pick up a guitar?

“I started playing because I was really into classic rock I loved the way that rock solos sounded and I wanted to sound like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Paige, and Angus Young.”

3. How long have you been playing?

“I guess I’ve been playing close to 11 years but with jazz, I’ve been playing for 3 or 4 years. Starting out I also really liked the acoustic guitar and I love the sounds that people have been able to achieve with it and that’s what drew me to the instrument.”

4. What Albums made you want to play the guitar?

Led Zeppelin IV was huge and also Back in Black AC/DC”

5. How important is it to you to play with other people?

“I believe that you can’t learn anything without playing with people I think, especially you learn a lot about things you wouldn’t learn studying for years because other people bring so many different techniques to playing.”

6. When you practice, what do you practice?
Tamers playing his Epiphone Les Paul. With a fantastic Bigsby Vibrato.

“I practice a lot of scales and arpeggios and sometimes I play with a backing track and try to write. Jazz has really made me work on my technique before I wasn’t playing as many standards of a certain genre, I was just playing what sounded nice. But with Jazz, you have to learn the basics in order to improvise.”

7. What are some Jazz musicians that have inspired you?

Joe pass, I also really love Miles Davis, But my favorite era of Jazz is the classic kind of hard-bob era musicians like Wayne Shorter and William Kelly and Bill Evans, Wes Montgomery and Django Reinhardt.”

8. What is next for you, where do you hope your instrument will take you?

“I really hope to get better at Bebop soloing. and just in general improvising.

9. Do you have any other obsessions other than guitar?

“Watches. I’m really into watches”

Tamers will be performing at 4 pm on Friday at the Student Combo Concert in Hill Hall. I have added brief audio of Tamers and Sawyers down below.

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